Organization of American Kodály Educators
Inspired by the vision of Zoltán Kodály, the mission of the Organization of American Kodály Educators is to support music education of the highest quality, promote universal music literacy and lifelong music making, and preserve the musical heritage of the people of the United States of America through education, artistic performance, advocacy and research.
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Chapters & Divisions

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ED - Eastern Division

Karen Paulson, President
Regional Representatives
Nick Mercier - nichmerc@gmail.com
Lucinda Sexton - lucindasexton@gmail.com

Eastern Division Chapters
BAKE - Boston Area Kodály Educators
Martha Holmes, President
KEEP - Kodály Educators of Eastern Pennsylvania
Berta Hickox, President
KESNE - Kodály Educators of Southern New England
Donna Menhart, President
KNJ - Kodály New Jersey
Lindsay Jackson, President
KONY - Kodály Organization of New York
Traci Sandler, President
MUSIK - Maryland United Specialists in Kodály
Amy Branum Huggins, President
VOKE - Virginia Organization of Kodály Educators
Michelle McCarten, President

MD - Midwestern Division

Aileen Miracle, President
Regional Representatives

Midwestern Division Chapters
AWAKE - Association of Wisconsin Area Kodály Educators
Mary Anne Zupan, President
CCKE - Capital Collegiate Kodály Educators
CCKE Web site - Coming Soon
Stacy Bova, President
CIKE - Central Illinois Kodaly Educators
CIKE Web site - Coming Soon
Christine Smith, President
CMKE - Central Missouri Kodály Educators
CMKE Web site - Coming Soon
Juli Weber, President
CAKE - Chicago Area Kodály Educators
Rachel Rosellini, President
IKE - Indiana Kodály Educators
Brent Gault, President
KAKE - Kentucky Association of Kodály Educators
KAKE Web site - Coming Soon
June Grice, President
KCM - Kodály Chapter of Minnesota
Jessica Perry, President
KEI - Kodály Educators of Iowa
Carly Huhn, President
KMEK - Kodály Music Educators of Kansas
Hannah Northerns, President
KOZ - Kodály of the Ozarks
Natalie Sneed Miller, President
NOCKA - North Coast Kodály Association
Sarah Schlafer, President
NPKC - Northern Plains Kodály Chapter
Pamela Gafkjen, President
PSKOR - Plains States Kodály Organization
Carmen Campbell, President
SLAKE - St. Louis Area Kodály Educators
Vicki Strode, President
TRIKE - Tri-City Kodály Educators
Marcy Layne, President

SD - Southern Division

Ann Leffard, President
Regional Representatives

Southern Division Chapters
KEGA - Kodály Educators of Georgia
Paula Carter, President
KONC - Kodály Educators of North Carolina
Nancy Stover, President
KENF - Kodály Educators of Northwest Florida
KENF Web site - Coming Soon
Cynthia Tickel, President
KET - Kodály Educators of Texas
Katherine Johns, President
LAKE - Louisiana Association of Kodály Educators
LAKE Web site - Coming Soon
Sheila Rae Manning, President
MTAKE - Middle Tennessee Association Kodály Educators
MTAKE Web site - Coming Soon
Karen Mueller, President
OKE - Oklahoma Kodaly Educators
Angelyn Ullrich, President
SECKE - Southeast Chapter of Kodály Educators
Cathy May Dunstan, President

WD - Western Division

Ginger Littleton, President
Regional Representatives
Etna Thompson - et.thompson2@cox.net
Michelle Trapa - trapa5733@comcast.net

Western Division Chapters
AKTS - Arizona Kodály Teachers Society
Lisa Harney, President
BYUFOLKS - Brigham Young University Fellowship of Local Kodály Specialists
BYUFOLKS Web site - Coming Soon
Karissa Baker, President
EEK - Enchanted Educators of Kodály
EEK Web site - Coming Soon
Mika Proctor, President
KASC - Kodály Association of Southern California
April Johnson, President
NCAKE - Northern California Association of Kodály Educators
Merlyn Katechis, President
NKE - Northwest Kodály Educators
Stephanie Trinneer, President
ROCKE - Regional Organization of Colorado Kodály Educators
Lynn Eckart, President
SWOKE - South Washington & Oregon Kodály Educators
Lynnda Fuller, President
UFOLKS - Utah Fellowship of Local Kodály Specialists
Taryn Nilsen, President